What can i expect at celebrate recovery?

  • A large group meeting

The large group meeting is designed for the participant to set aside the busyness and stress of the outside world by entering into a time of prayer, praise and worship, and teaching as a way of getting in touch with the one and only Higher Power, Jesus Christ.

  • An open share small group

The open share small group meets immediately after the large group meeting and provides a place for the participant to connect with other Celebrate Recovery attendees. This is a safe place where participants can be in gender-specific groups and issue-specific groups.

  • Newcomers 101 (your first week only)

Newcomers 101 is for first-time attendees and will help you better understand what Celebrate Recovery is all about as well as provide you the opportunity to ask questions or process your feelings in a safe environment before you make a commitment to a small group.

  • Step Study

After you’ve attended Celebrate Recovery for a while, you will join a step study. The step study small group is for those who are ready to delve deeper into their past and the choices they have made. This is where participants will see real, lasting changes start to happen. Step studies take place another night of the week.

  • Child Care

At Celebrate Recovery, child care is free (infant thru 5th grade) and Celebration Place provides an uplifting, hope-filled, children's companion to Celebrate Recovery.

Celebrate Recovery at Christ Community Church
Will it work?

HOw do I know celebrate recovery will work?

Since the beginning of time, men and women have searched for happiness — usually in all the wrong places, trying all the wrong things. But there’s only one place where we can find tested-and-proven, absolutely-gonna-work principles that will lead to healing and happiness. These principles come in the form of eight statements from the truest of all books — the Bible — and from the most revered Teacher of all time — Jesus Christ. Jesus laid out these principles for happiness in the Sermon on the Mount in the gospel of Matthew, chapter 5. Today we call them “the Beatitudes.”

Change, Jesus says, can be ours, but the pathway to change and happiness may not be exactly what we’re expecting. From a conventional viewpoint, most of the following eight statements don’t make sense. At first they even sound like contradictions. But when you fully understand what Jesus is saying, you’ll realize these eight statements are God’s pathway to wholeness, growth, and spiritual maturity.

“Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor.”

  • “Happy are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

  • “Happy are the meek.”

  • “Happy are the pure in heart.”

  • “Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires.”

  • “Happy are those who are merciful.”

  • “Happy are those who work for peace.”

  • “Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires.”

The power to change comes only from God’s grace. In Principle 1 we start working and living this program in earnest. When we admit we’re powerless, we go on to recognize that we need a power greater than ourselves to restore us. That power is the one and only true Higher Power, Jesus Christ.


What are the CR 12 steps?

Throughout this material, you will notice several references to the Christ-centered 12 Steps. Our prayer is

that Celebrate Recovery will create a bridge to the millions of people who are familiar with the secular 12

Steps (I acknowledge the use of some material from the 12 Suggested Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous)

and in so doing, introduce them to the one and only true Higher Power, Jesus Christ. Once they begin

that relationship, asking Christ into their hearts as Lord and Savior, true healing and recovery can begin!

12 Steps