Book Club


Thursday // 9:30-11:30am

On Thursday mornings in M2, we enjoy community and conversation around a book we are reading. September through November, we will be reading together Cultivate by Lara Casey.

A flourishing life is possible—no

perfection required!

Women often feel like they have to have it all together in order to live a meaningful life. Instead they feel inadequate, overwhelmed, and exhausted as they try to figure out how to do it all. Author, business owner, and mom to three Lara Casey offers sound and grace-filled advice: “We can’t do it all, and do it well. But, we can choose to cultivate what matters.”

Welcome to the journey of getting messy in the rich soil of possibility—embracing imperfect, grace-filled progress to grow a life of joy.
KidCare is available by contacting Jackie Lambert

New this semester: After registering, purchase your book online. If you need assistance, reach out to your study leader. (Best prices are found on Amazon.)


While we meet, your little ones can enjoy the precious atmosphere of our loving KidCare program. To reserve a spot for your children, please contact Jackie Lambert at ASAP, but no later than September 1!

Reach out to Jennifer Bonnett with any questions.