LAF Track

LAF stands for Love, Acceptance & Forgiveness. The LAF Track is comprised of our four core seminars.

Discovering Christ Community Membership (LAF 101)

Discovering Spiritual Growth (LAF 201)

Discovering Your Gifts for Ministry (LAF 301)

Discovering Your Faith-story (LAF 401).

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LAF Track
Small Groups

FAQ’s. Here are some of the most frequent questions people ask about the LAF Track Seminars. 

What are the LAF Track Seminars? LAF stands for Love, Acceptance, & Forgiveness, a major part of who we are as a church and what the gospel of Jesus is about.

Why should I take LAF Track? If you are new to Christ Community or looking to grow in your faith, the LAF Track Seminars are perfect for you. 

When are they offered? They are all offered twice a year from 4:00-8:00pm on Sunday afternoons. The seminars are offered in February and also offered in September. 

What if I have children? We offer free Kid Care, all you have to do is let us know that your kids are coming when you register and they will be watched by amazing leaders and even given free dinner. 

What is the plan for food? We share dinner together during the seminar, which gives you a chance to meet others who are in your Seminar and also get a delicious meal. Please bring $5 per person for the meal.