Love God, Love People

We exist to make fully committed followers of Jesus Christ through Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness; and we are on a mission to live out the Gospel of Jesus through Worship, Evangelism, Discipleship, Ministry, and Fellowship. Simply put, we are called to love God and love People in all we do.


Laf track sunday | September 29th

The LAF Track Seminar is from 4:00pm-8:00pm on Sunday, September 29th. The LAF Track exists to disciple and equip people at Christ Community Church with an understanding our mission, vision, & values. We are a community of Love, Acceptance, & Forgiveness and this is a part of everything we do. If you are new to the church or have been around for years, but have never taken the LAF Track seminars, we encourage and invite you to register for the next one!

Men’s Service Ministry at Christ Community Church


River baptism | october 13th

If you are a believer in Jesus and have not been baptized, you need to take this important step. If you have been baptized, we invite you to join us for the service down at the river and see all that God is doing in the hearts and lives of people in our church.


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