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If it’s in the Bible, we believe it.


That’s our simple answer to the question "What do You Believe". However, we recognize that it's not that simple. There are things in the Bible that aren't crystal-clear--leaving room for valid, differences of interpretation in some areas. Therefore, we hold some beliefs in tension, understanding that one person's interpretation might vary from another's--both being valid from a biblical standpoint.  

At Christ Community we are mindful of only two categories when it comes to beliefs: 

Essential and Non-essential

In the Essential beliefs we have unity.

In the Non-essential beliefs we have liberty.

In all our beliefs we maintain an attitude of love.



 Here's a brief description of what we consider the Essential beliefs of Christianity:

Deity of Christ... Jesus is God.

Original Sin... Everyone is born in a sinful state.

Canon... The collection of sixty six books that comprise the Bible.

Trinity... One God in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Resurrection... The resurrection of Jesus and our future resurrection after death.

Incarnation... Jesus: Fully God and fully man.

New Life... Spiritual rebirth at the time anyone gives their life to Jesus.

End Times... Jesus is coming again.

We also respect the teachings described in the historical Creeds and Confessions of the Christian church, which have played an important role in our denomination's history.